With reference to SimCorp’s company announcement no. 38/2020 of October 12, 2020, SimCorp confirms it has now signed a firm and binding strategic agreement with State Street Bank International GmbH.

14 décembre 2020

Redécouvrez aujourd’hui les 10 articles les plus cliqués en 2020, une année si particulière. Au programme de ce Top 10 : Luxembourg ICT Awards, les nouvelles fonctions des experts luxembourgeois, ou encore la crise de la Covid-19. Stay safe !

13 décembre 2020

The LHoFT Fintech news app, launched today, and available for download from the Apple app store and Google Play, is designed to give users a tailored selection of Fintech content. The app connects to IBM Watson Discovery AI and uses custom curation algorithms to learn from the user’s actions to provide more relevant and specific content from across the web. 

10 décembre 2020

Finologee is featured on the global RegTech 100 list of 2021, a selection of the most innovative companies worldwide in the RegTech space.

07 décembre 2020

PingPong vient d'annoncer avoir été agréée en tant qu'établissement de monnaie électronique (EME) par la Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF). PingPong, qui compte des bureaux à Hangzhou, New York, San Francisco, Hong Kong et au Japon, devient ainsi la première entreprise fintech B2B au Luxembourg à réaliser cet exploit dans l'UE, après avoir déposé sa demande en décembre 2019.

03 décembre 2020

The ongoing digital transformation of banks – and financial institutions in general – is not new. Yet, digital is so vast and the amount of work to be done so important that new entrants are able to provide innovative services focusing on specific aspects. Pascal Morosini (CEO, i-Hub) and Abdelha Tayeb (CIO, i-Hub) tell us more about the creation of the i-Hub RegTech, describing its value proposition while discussing their collaboration with BGL BNP Paribas and Fernand Lepage (Director KYC Office, BGL BNP Paribas). The experts also focused on the added value of EBRC and its key participation in making this collaboration a success.

23 novembre 2020

NadiFin Acceleration Program today announced that Keyrock was voted as the winner of the 2020 program by its cohort peers. Keyrock democratizes liquidity in the digital asset space by deploying for their clients proprietary, scalable, and self-adaptive algorithms. Its partners can choose from a range of bespoke service solutions to create unique financial markets within the emerging digital asset space.

20 novembre 2020

On September 16th, Nasir Zubairi (CEO, LHoFT) took the stage and officially opened the 2020 edition of the Fintech Summit. Re-live his speech by playing the video.

17 novembre 2020

BGL BNP Paribas subscribes to i-Hub KYC services and takes a financial stake in the start-up. Launched by POST Group Luxembourg in 2019, i-Hub specialises in the automation of KYC processes via a centralised digital and secure storage solution for the personal data and supporting documents of financial institutions’ clients.

10 novembre 2020

Consumer behavior is changing. Nowadays, most of us are used to shopping online, watching films and listening to music on digital platforms, working remotely from home, and even interacting with medical professionals via video-consultations. These ongoing changes have been accelerated due to the current global pandemic. Banks are not being spared from the consequences of these changing habits. In the ocean of possibilities, will they sink or swim? Accenture’s 2020 Market Pulse Survey measured current experience and future expectations of banking customers in Luxembourg. Based on the findings, this article provides a few recommendations that can help banks to master the waves of change.

04 novembre 2020