Entering the 2015-2020 period, EBRC was considered a renowned European Trusted Center, operating from Luxembourg for its clients located in Europe and overseas. . At the time, Yves Reding, the CEO of the company, was eyeing a new acquisition to increase its physical presence in Europe. In the fourth episode of this 20th anniversary series, he focuses on the strategic partnership concluded with a French company specializing in database management. He also discusses the need to build bridges across Europe and the recent Gaia-X initiative, which aims at creating an efficient, secure, and trustworthy data and infrastructure ecosystem in Europe.

16 décembre 2020


Ten years after its creation, and after being named one of the Best Kept Secrets in Europe, EBRC entered its third phase with a brand new corporate identity and a strategy built on its core values: EARTH (Excellence, Agility, Responsibility, Trust and Human). In the third part of this 20th anniversary series, Yves Reding, CEO of EBRC, tells us more about his company’s new corporate identity, its diversification in terms of clients, and discusses the early stage of the creation of a digital Europe.

09 décembre 2020

2020 aura été une année charnière, car pour faire face à la crise sanitaire, il aura fallu se renouveler et s’adapter à de nouvelles méthodes de travail. Pour EBRC, 2020 est également synonyme de 20 ans d’existence. Créée en pleine euphorie « e-Business » en 2000, la société aura été témoin de nombreuses évolutions IT et business.

04 novembre 2020

2005-2010: “EBRC, THE BEST KEPT SECRET IN EUROPE” (according to a London Award Jury member).

After a first period of 5 years where EBRC was able to successfully navigate through the storm to rapidly become a well-known and recognized ICT services provider, the company started 2006 on a positive note with the launch of one of the first worldwide Tier IV datacenters, and a new “Managed Services” portfolio and clients. In this second part of the 20th anniversary series, Yves Reding focuses on how, with its team, he strived to develop EBRC as a recognized innovative digital enabler in Luxembourg…and in Europe.

28 octobre 2020

End-user spending on global data center infrastructure is projected to reach $200 billion in 2021, an increase of 6% from 2020, according to the latest forecast from Gartner, Inc. Despite a 10.3% decline in data center spending in 2020 due to restricted cash flow during the pandemic, the data center market is still expected to grow year-over-year through 2024.

08 octobre 2020


In 2020, EBRC celebrates 20 years of digital acceleration and progress, which started in Luxembourg to later extend to Europe with a value proposition based on quality and security. In the first part of this 20th anniversary series, Yves Reding, the CEO of EBRC, reminisces the first 5 years of the company: a startup created in Luxembourg, during the e-business bubble, with the goal to provide secure recovery services mainly to the financial services industry.

06 octobre 2020

Vous recherchez une solution pour héberger les données de votre activité professionnelle en toute sécurité ? En choisissant de placer vos informations à proximité de votre activité, vous bénéficiez d’un accès rapide à vos fichiers. Par ailleurs, en conservant vos données sur le territoire du Luxembourg, vous leur garantissez une confidentialité ainsi qu’une sécurité très élevée. Petit tour d’horizon des avantages de la localisation des données.

02 octobre 2020

The tenth annual Uptime Institute Global Survey of IT and Data Center Managers, which was just released, provides an overview of the practices, experiences and underlying trends in the mission-critical digital infrastructure industry, today and in the future. This survey, the most comprehensive and longest-running of its kind, was conducted online during March and April 2020.

07 août 2020

Dell Technologies présente Enterprise SONiC Distribution by Dell Technologies, un nouvel ensemble de solutions réseau open source pour aider les entreprises à moderniser et simplifier les opérations et la gestion de leurs datacenters.

15 mai 2020

The outbreak of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) forces companies to rethink their way of working and to rely more than ever on internet technologies to keep their operations running. As if this was not challenging enough, Hackers increasingly take advantage of the pandemic crisis to attack already vulnerable businesses and institutions with DDoS and other cyberattacks, as reported by “Securitymadein.lu”.

10 avril 2020