- Describe the fundamentals and gain an overview of the state-of-the-art related to Blockchain and Distributed Ledger technology

- Be familiar with driving Blockchain and Distributed Ledger technologies in different trust setups (for instance public networks, permissioned networks)

- Review of technological Blockchain challenges

- Be aware of the impact that the Blockchain could have on businesses, industries and society

- Identify relevant developments in technical standardization and their relation to identified challenges


Duration: 3h (possibility to adapt)

Date: On demand - date TBA

Place: ILNAS                                                                                                                   

Price: 250€ TTC

Language: English 

Programme complet


1. Blockchain fundamentals

- How Blockchain works

- Permissioned, permissionless, public and private Blockchains

- Consensus and mining

- Smart contracts

2. Overview of Blockchain platforms

- High-level survey

- Ethereum, IOTA and Ripple

- Development trends

- Relation with Smart ICT

3. Case studies

4. Blockchain and technical standardization

- ISO/TC 307 - Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies

- CEN/CENELEC and ITU-T initiatives

- Analysis of other relevant standards

- National standardization efforts: how to become a national delegate