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Nous joindre

10A, rue des Mérovingiens
L-8070 Bertrange
T: +352 26 27 69 1 
F: +352 26 27 69 32


Personnes de contact:

Kamel Amroune - Partner
T: +352 26 27 69 30

Alexandre Keilmann - Content Officer
T: +352 26 27 69 47

Sidonie Stire - Customer Care Officer
T: +352 26 27 69 46

A propos

Active since 2000, Farvest created IT One in 2007. This new initiative dedicated to the ICT community identifies, informs and stimulates the professionals of the ICT sector. This

same year, IT One organises its first annual IT One Gala which aims to reward the key ICT decision-makers but also the industries best products, services and IT partners.


In 2010, IT One launches ICT Spring Europe to raise the debate to an international level and promote the country’s know-how beyond its borders through a two-day conference where local stakeholders can interact with investors, innovative startups, researchers, academics, members of government and experts. Boasting an outstanding exhibition hall, the event gains in notoriety year after year and endeavours to consistently offer more to its visitors. This year’s ICT Spring counted 5100 visitors, 100 speakers, 70 companies populated the start-up village and around 50 more exhibited in the main hall.


Locally, the community also launched IT Days three years ago. Key IT decision makers are invited to assist conferences and panel discussion interspersed with expert sessions,

concluding with a networking cocktail.


IT One also organizes the Information Security Days, two days entirely dedicated to security gathering local and European specialists to assess the sector’s crucial issues.

This year sees the launch of IT One’s first Hackathon, “Game of Code” aiming to support Luxembourg’s ICT ecosystem, attract new talents and position Luxembourg as the

European tech hub.