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Escent - Luxembourg
26-28, Rue Edward Steichen, Regus Kirchberg Eolis Square
L-2540 Luxembourg
T: +352 27 112 70 27


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Our customer base is strong with historical partners following us since the beginning in 2006 and new clients trusting us each year.

Our staff keeps growing both in number and in quality and we are proud of the long term relationship built with our consultants. For those who have left us, some of them became our customers, others moved to another industry but all have made a big jump in their career and remain friends.

Our service offering keeps evolving with industry trends but our business and functional analysis expertize remains however our core business both from a consulting and governance view point.

Business analysis methods and tools do change as per the introduction of new ways of managing projects like Agile. Our consultants are continuously trained to new standards with our training material evolving in parallel.

We are confident that the expertise we have built over the years combined with the continuous investment in training our staff to industry best practices will help us grow our customer base in the coming years. From a market perspective we are also convinced that business analysis is too sensitive to be off shored and needs to be dealt with locally.

Les membres

Benoit CARDINAEL, co-founder and associate

Olivier DUYCKAERTS, Co-founder and associate