On December 17th, more than 300 ICT and tech professionals gathered at the Alvisse Parc Hotel to attend the first ever IT Ladies Night organized in Luxembourg. After attending a conference with insightful speeches and messages delivered by keynote speakers, the local experts were recognized through the Luxembourg Women ICT Awards.

Kamel Amroune (CEO of Farvest Group) officially opened the ceremony and surprised his marketing and customer care team, awarding Charlotte Boutelier, Sidonie Stire and Julie Bodin, with a "Great Women to Work With" award. He then handed the microphone to Sabrina Lemaire, who acted as Master of Ceremony for the night.

The first prize of the night, sponsored by Huxley, "ICT Business Developer of the Year", was awarded to Kenza Bouzouraa (Deputy Director, ELGON/AINOS). She notably managed the migration of the CGIE and all students in Luxembourg to Office 365, but was also was responsible for the development and the launch of MyDPRights.

Angela Nickel (CEO & Founder, COMO) was named "ICT Entrepreneur of the Year". Her mission? Bringing her customers and partners to the unknown; from the traditional financial world to the digital economy. In 2019, she finalized the implementation of the COMO Engine, who supports end-to-end and synchronizes all payment transaction combinations for Mobility-as-a-Service, One-to-Many, Many-to-One, Many-to-Many.

The award of "Young ICT Talent of the Year", supported by Docler Holding, was awarded to Anne-Sophie Morvan (Business Development Manager, LUXHUB). After 5 years of dealing with IT contracts and data protection regulation, she decided to join the RegTech/FinTech industry. She is now in charge of the business part of LUXHUB’s Marketplace project. Her missions involve the definition of the product’s business strategy, working with IT teams and identifying and selecting API providers.

The jury members also underlined the quality of Avanti Sharma's work over the past year, which earned her a special "Coup de Coeur" prize. She is only 13 years old and has already participated to several coding and IT challenges. Avanti also runs weekend workshops on coding destined to children from 6 to 16.

Nathalie Knops (Head of Business Transformation, Banque Internationale à Luxembourg) was named "Technology Expert of the Year". After reinforcing its partnerships with Fintechs and Startups, BIL was able to deliver new budgeting capabilities on its mobile application and CX and UX measurement capabilities. Her team also developed new features on BILnet using a new development framework, micro-services and even some machine learning capabilities.

Finally, the award of "Best Corporate Initiative for Promoting Women Role in ICT", supported by WIDE, went to Vodafone Foundation Luxembourg. Jury members notably underlined that fact that the company aims to inspire young girls and women from lower socio-economic backgrounds to pursue ICT careers. Vodafone Foundation also organized the Innovation Day at St. George International School, which was the first of its kind in Luxembourg, to inspire students and inform them about innovation and technology.

The special jury was composed of 12 seasoned ICT experts: Larissa Best (Director, Equilibre), Marina Andrieu (Co-founder & Director, WIDE), Anne Majerus (Technical and Economic Advisor, Chambre des Métiers), Edith Magyarics (CEO, Victor Buck Services), Marie-Louise Ashworth (Director, The Network), Marina Guerin-Jabbour (Head of Luxembourg Digital Innovation Hub, Luxinnovation), Olivier Beaujean (CIO, IEE), Hocine Berrane (CIO, CALI Europe), Jean-Marc Verdure (CIO, CREOS), Bernard Lhermitte (CIO, ING Luxembourg), Yves Baguet (COO, BIL) and Gérard Hoffmann (President, Fedil-ICT).


Alexandre Keilmann

Photos: Dominique Gaul

Publié le 18 décembre 2019