Startup World Cup (SWC) will take place in Luxembourg for the first time. On March 8th, at EY Luxembourg, the 10 best startups across Europe will pitch their ground breaking ideas in front of an investor panel to be awarded as the most disruptive startup.

The winner of Startup World Cup Luxembourg regional will participate in Startup World Cup Grand Finale and try to win USD 1 Million in investments.

Guest speakers Taïg Khris (Founder & CEO, OnOff & three-time ramp skating world champ), Jonathan Prince (Co-founder, Digicash Payments), Olivier Lemaire (Partner, Technology, Media and Telecom, EY Luxembourg) and Kamel Amroune (Managing Director, IT One) will give keynote speeches to launch the competition.


Today, IT One shares with you the name and taglines of the 10 finalists:

• SnapSwap: "In the time of online social communications, customers want to make financial transactions as easy and convenient as online messages: instantly, securely and cross-border. Gloneta is a messenger app where people can chat, send money within supported countries and spend funds from their balances. Everything is instant"

• Epsilon: "In few years, all the shoes will be connected, this transformation is inevitable. Our company is trying to always bring more comfort and functionalities to the footwear market. Our goal is not to "gadgetize" the footwear but to bring comfort, detect disease, injury risk, monitor your health status and much more…"

• Nomoko: "Today, large scale, realistic 3D modeling is done manually by 3D artists and therefore costly and time consuming. Yet 3D content is vital for industries worth $280bn. We develop a technology that will fully automate 3D content creation based on the real world"

• Wizata: "Every day, companies are facing complex problems that humans’ analysis, current processes and technologies have difficulties to solve, limiting their business opportunities. As a Data Analytics expert, Wizata offers packaged solutions as answer to business needs, based on results-oriented pricing including R&D, cloud infrastructure and exploitation of intelligence"

• MyScienceWork: "Researchers produce 7000 research publications every day worldwide. We help institutions and publishers organizes and give broad free access to all this scientific knowledge"

• Houser: "Banks are affected by new regulatory requirements for residential property and must value their entire loan portfolio with current mark-to-market pricing. As many banks have hundreds of thousands of loans in their portfolio, we automate the process by using our real-time market monitoring system and valuation algorithm"

• JUDG: "Our first project "Judg" is a social network for teenagers. Available on iOS and Android. The concept is to reward virtual popularity with gaming components. Our new project "Showup" is a B2B2C app that acts as a marketing toolbox for shops, bars and restaurants. It can also be used for one-time events (Fair, exhibition, etc). It allows them to create geolocalised photo contests with a prize to win. The prize is given randomly to one of the participants"

• Opinum: "Unlike other energy saving tools, our solution Opisense can connect to a wide variety of IoT sensors and building automation systems. It means that we are totally independent from the hardware already installed in your buildings, which considerably reduces the investment cost"

• SESAMm: "Volume, Variety, Velocity: asset management is a big data task but few financial actors are taking advantage of these innovative technologies. SESAMm is a FinTech startup developing financial indicators based on Big Data from social media for asset management. We capture emotions that drive financial markets"

• Birdee: "We offer banks a solution to reconnect with the mass affluent customer segment that has been historically difficult to engage with in a financially viable manner. We aim to empower the industrialisation of private banking by making optimised portfolios available at a fraction of the cost"


The jury is composed of Raz Bachar (Head of Startup Business Development, Amazon Web Services), Warrick Cramer (Global Head of Innovation, Vodafone), Yannick Oswald (Investor, Mangrove Capital Partners), Peter Maynard (Startup Lead BeLux, Microsoft), Edith Magyarics (CEO, Victor Buck Services) and Alain Rodermann (Founding Partner, Expon Capital).

Publié le 07 mars 2017