By Annica Törneryd, ACT2exceed.

At the first IT Ladies Night that took place on December 17th, the main topic in presentations and conversations evolved around gender equality.

If we take a random example and look at: asking the bank for a loan to start a business; to many men this sounds exciting, and on the contrary, to many women, this sounds irresponsible and risky. Why? Because we are expected and conditioned since birth to have certain values and beliefs. Men have societal expectations to be strong, courageous and bold, and women are expected to be caring, supportive and kind. Men are encouraged to focus on GOALS. They take ACTION. They get RESULTS. Women are encouraged to focus on EMOTIONS. They suffer from OPO: Other People’s Opinions. They easily get stuck processing feelings.

All of us, are programed to fit into stereotypical gender roles; its poured into us, from our childhood and upbringing, through school and tradition. We’re all victims to societal gender expectations.

Working as a coach with “successful businessmen”, who have accomplished all that was expected of them, I was surprised to see how many suffer from imposter syndrome. Yes, they “succeeded”, but they don’t own and enjoy the achievement, they primarily did it because it was expected of them. It’s interesting that a person is capable of “betting on themselves” and accomplish great things, just as well as a person will “settle for less” and accept the limitation in opportunities, because they feel others, whether it’s parents or society, expect it from them.

Professor Isabelle Collet shared in her presentation, and Prime Minister Bettel stated in a recent interview for the Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, that successful strategies for real change in gender diversity and equality must be implemented from birth, in our upbringing and education.

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Publié le 20 décembre 2019