On February 6th, 2020, the third edition of the quarter final of the Startup World Cup will be co-organized by EY Luxembourg, Pegasus Tech Ventures and EU-TRIBE (The Greater Region Innovators Network) at EY Luxembourg.

With 40 regional events scheduled all over the world, the most prestigious competition dedicated to startups aims at encouraging the most promising entrepreneurs to battle for the prestigious title of winning the Startup World Cup and bridging startup ecosystems worldwide. The winner of this local pitching competition will represent Luxembourg and the Greater Region against 40 startups at the semi-final in San Francisco (with a selection of 10-15 startups the day before the Grand Finale) and possibly at the Grand Finale in San Francisco on May 22nd 2020. You want to take up the Startup World Cup challenge ? You can apply here until December 20th 2019.


Communicated by EY Luxembourg

Publié le 22 novembre 2019