The second virtual bootcamp held by TechStars and Sacred Heart University will take place on June 19-21. Join the students, innovators and entrepreneurs for a weekend of startup fun! No prior experience needed.

This 54-hour, fully-immersive event will bring together students who will learn how to build a company in a weekend. Pitch your idea, gather your team and build your product. As you build your product, you’ll be supported by the very best mentors who are ready to help you get started.

Startup Weekend is the best place to come and test your idea or join others to work on theirs. Over the weekend, you'll build a team, work through spinning-up your product with amazing mentors, and put together an "MVP" (Minimum Viable Product) to present on Sunday. So, whether it's a physical product or the next software startup, come meet like-minded entrepreneurs and become change agents at SHU and in Connecticut. Registration is free and seats are limited!

Please contact if you are interested in participating. You can also register HERE.

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Publié le 08 juin 2020