On Thursday, September 20th, ISACA Luxembourg celebrated its 10th anniversary and notably welcomed Dr. Sébastien Varrette, Research Scientist, UL HPC platform manager, Parallel Computing and Optimization Group (PCOG), at the University of Luxembourg.

At this occasion, ISACA had the privilege to welcome Dr. Sebastien Varrette from the University of Luxembourg (UL). Along with Prof. Pascal Bouvry who lead the High Performance Computing (HPC) strategy for the University and its rector, Prof. Stéphane Pallage, Dr. Varrette manages the development of the University’s HPC platform, as well as the associated expert team of IT specialists operating and supporting it.

In its talk entitled 'HPC & Big Data Analytics in Luxembourg at the EuroHPC horizon', Dr. Varrette reviewed the hardware equipment and infrastructure enabling at scale to accelerate modelling and simulation in the data deluge era. It makes supercomputers and High Performance Computing (HPC) facilities strategic priorities at the heart of major fundings in all advanced countries. Thus, the current state of developments at the local and international level was reviewed in the context of the national and European HPC strategy in which Luxembourg is starting to play a role.

A brief survey of future challenges, in particular with regards the Quantum Computing paradigm, was proposed as conclusion. In general, this intervention permitted for the audience to get a complete, accurate and hopefully didactic picture of the HPC and Big Data context in Luxembourg and abroad.

The event was followed by a walking-dinner to celebrate the 10th-anniversary of ISACA.Lu.

Publié le 24 septembre 2018