To better serve its customers and being in line with its “human centric intelligent society” vision, Fujitsu Luxembourg has launched its new website.

Combining modernity and clarity, the website offers a concentration of for digital transformation challenges. The aim is to give everyone access to sophisticated services supported by an invisible infrastructure.

Fujitsu‘s approach can be summarized in one sentence: “Creating the future together using advanced technology and services in today’s landscape, to reach a safer, more prosperous and sustainable society.”

The building blocks can be combined or used separately, guided by co-creation throughout the process.

fuji 01.jpg

digitalsphere - the brand created by Fujitsu Luxembourg and NVision also serves the co-creation approach by blending technology and design to deliver products end-to-end.

There are several Case studies available that illustrate in further detail the advantages of the methodology. The website also offers to:

- Get updates on hot topics from the news section to always stay up-to-date

- Register to high value events hosted by Fujitsu and get insights from experts

- Explore opportunities through the jobs section and apply online for your next challenge

Should you be interested in knowing more about Fujitsu Luxembourg, please visit the website.


Press release by Fujitsu Luxembourg

Publié le 03 juin 2020