Since 2007, the Luxembourg ICT Awards aim to promote and spread best practices, emulation between the country’s professionals and recognition of the best solutions provided on the market. The 2019 edition will take place on December 3rd. You can still apply and try to win of the coveted Luxembourg ICT Awards.


• CIO of the Year*: acknowledges an outstanding ICT leader that, thanks to her/his vision, strategic skills and management/leadership qualities, contributed to the performance of its company while meeting the stakeholders needs (clients, employees, shareholders).



• ICT Business Partner of the Year: rewards an ICT provider that lead and successfully implemented development, software and/or hardware integration, or infrastructures projects, bringing real added-value to its clients.

• ICT Strategic Advisor of the Year: rewards a consulting company that guides its clients for their ICT strategy; in terms of global roadmap, technical choices or business vision.

• Telecom Company of the Year: rewards a local telecom provider that proved, through the quality and innovative nature of its services, its vision and contribution to the Luxembourgish ICT ecosystem.

• Most Innovative ICT Training Programme: rewards a training programme or initiative aiming at schooling actors of the ICT sector, both in terms of hard skills and/or soft skills.

• Best use of AI & Data: rewards a company that ingeniously and efficiently used artificial intelligence and/or data to conduct an ICT project or implement new processes or tools.

• Digital Transformation Project of the Year: rewards a digital transformation project that cleverly leveraged technology to improve a company’s performance, and contribute to the enhancement of customer and/or employee experience.

• Cloud Innovation Provider of the Year: rewards a company specialized in Cloud for its innovative solutions and its outstanding performances.

• ICT Security Provider of the Year: rewards an ICT security provider for a project led with a client over the past year. This solution distinguishes itself by its innovative character, its efficiency, the results achieved.



• ICT Team of the Year*: rewards an ICT Team for its outstanding results on a specific project (implementation of a new software, adoption of new processes, improvement of a data/security software, data management, storage etc).

• ICT Outsourcing services provider of the Year: rewards a company providing an on-demand tech environment – Cloud, Managed Services, BPO… – in order to unburden its clients of some tasks and functions.


SPECIAL JURY AWARDS - These awards do not require the submission of an application form

•Great ICT Company to Work with: rewards a company which represents the best company to work with in the Luxembourg ICT sector.

• Inspirational ICT Personality of the Year: rewards an ICT personality for her/his entire career, her/his achievements, the lessons learned and her/his efforts to inspire and share with her/his peers and future generations.


Applications to the awards CIO of the Year and ICT team of the Year are free. All other submissions will incur an administration fee of €100 excl. VAT.

*Awards restricted to end-users


How to apply?

Each candidate must submit an application for the Award of their choice. You can apply for yourself, on behalf of your company or suggest a candidate by sending an email to

To submit an application to one of the suggested awards, you have to:

1. Send an email to our team stating the award(s) chosen to get the link to your personalized platform

2. Complete your application form before November 4th, 2019

3. Register for the IT One Gala Dinner by sending an email to


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