IRIS, a member of the Canon Group and leading information management company, is proud to announce to its partners and customers that its subsidiary in Luxembourg, IRIS Financial Services, has successfully completed the ISO 27001 certification process.

Having obtained ISO 27001 certification for its PSF Cloud Services, IRIS Financial Services is strengthening its position as a trusted service provider for data. For customers,  this certification means the deployment of new services that will generally accelerate their digital transformation and the optimisation of their business processes.

ISO 27001, currently one of the most important standards, applies to the management of security in an organisation, including all of the legal, physical, and technical controls involved in data risk management processes.

“ISO 27001 was designed to help organisations monitor, review, maintain and improve their data security management systems,” says Marc Vandeveken, Delivery Manager & Director PSF Entity, IRIS Financial Services. “For the market, and that includes partners just as much as customers, the fact that we have received our certification means: ‘This company does things properly!’ That is how ISO 27001 considerably strengthens our position as a trusted partner for data management.”


A guarantee of maintaining the acquired security level over time.

Data protection has never been so important in the management of business processes. ISO 27001 means no fewer than 39 security objectives, broken down into 133 security measures, and is intended for all types of organisation (commercial companies, government departments, NGOs, etc.). The system inventories the security measures within a defined perimeter in order to guarantee the protection of the business's assets. The aim is to protect the functions and the data from any loss, theft, or alteration, and to protect information systems from any intrusion or other data incident. Certification is also a guarantee of maintaining the acquired security level over time. The certified company undergoes an annual external audit. Now a holder of ISO 27001 certification, as a Cloud service provider, IRIS immediately comes across as a trusted partner, rigorously controlling its infrastructure, the necessary security measures, and the processes and incidents.

“So, ISO 27001 provides a clear and solid response to the security questions inherent in any migration to the cloud”, says Kevin Casoli, Country Director Luxembourg, IRIS.


Global approach

This offer is in line with the development of the information management model, based on the dematerialisation of internal processes such as the handling of emails, paper mail, invoices, and customer files. It helps to reinforce IRIS's positioning a little more, as one of the top three OCR players in the world as well as a publisher of unique ECM solutions, in support of its mission as a global provider of digital transformation solutions.

Finally, IRIS, a true Trusted Cloud Services Provider, stands out in the market thanks to its global approach: specialist software publisher, supplying solutions under Article PSF 29-2 (Administrative Professional of the Financial Sector - AA); PSF 29-3 (Operator of Primary Information Systems in the Financial Sector - OSIP) and PSF 29-4 (Operator of Secondary Information Systems and Communication Networks of the Financial Sector - OSIS). Moreover, widely recognised as a trusted partner, IRIS can showcase its agility in project mode combined with the flexibility of its solutions, providing optimum interoperability for its customers’ businesses.


Press release by IRIS Luxembourg

Publié le 13 février 2020