On the evening of March 28th and after an insightful first day of conferences, more than one hundred ICT and cybersecurity experts gathered at the Hotel Parc Alvisse to attend the Information Security Awards gala dinner where the best practices and solutions were recognized by professionals of the sector. Find out below who the winners of the 2018 edition are.

The Security Project of the Year prize was awarded to POST Luxembourg, which built its own Cyber Security Team that works mostly on internal missions. They put themselves in the shoes of real hackers, and carry out different real life attack scenarios to adapt to any situation, while also promoting the competencies and the knowledge developed in Luxembourg outside Europe.

For its tailor-made model for a comprehensive awareness and training program, IMRIM won the Awareness Security Initiative of the Year prize. The jury members highlighted the fact that the program meets the organizations' expectations and provides meaningful indicators.

Telindus was named Best Security Partner of the Year. The company's solution aims measuring the level of exposure to ransomware attacks by assessing the level of awareness of its employees. In order to do so, their techniques are the same as those used by attackers to penetrate systems and corrupt information. The tool also implements the concept of "security by design", a governance process providing the catalog of services and solutions to help ESA reach the "zero defect" level.

For their jointly-developed GPDR Compliance Support Tool, LIST and eProseed won the GDPR Initiative of the Year award. The tool enables organizations to self-assess and manage their level of compliance with the GDPR, as it uses a detailed and comprehensive database of more than 350 regulatory requirements and related guidance, developed by the CNPD.

Stratus Digital Systems Inc won the Security Startup of the Year prize for its solution which aims at transforming the way data is connected to the Internet. Organizational change predetermines the server's ability to access databases and reduces not only the attack surface, but also the extent of the risk.

François Thill, Director Cybersecurity at the Ministry of the Economy, was then named IS Personality of the Year. Mr. Thill has 17 years of experience in security-related projects and joined the Ministry of the Economy in 2001. Over the years, he has held several strategic positions to create national organisms and cyber security strategy for the country, and therefore contributes to the enhancement and the development of the attractiveness of the Luxembourg economy.

Finally, Myriam Djerouni, RSSI at LUXITH, was named Woman Talent of the Year.

Congratulations to all the participants and thank you to all the partners of the 2018 edition of IS Days.


Photos: Dominique Gaul

Publié le 28 mars 2018