The Data Natives Conference, Europe's biggest data science gathering, will open its doors to data experts from the tech and innovation business industry, academia, as well as intergovernmental organisations for the fifth time on 25 and 26 November at Berlin's Kühlhaus. Under the heading of "What makes you tech?", the conference invites data scientists as well as a technology-savvy audience to discuss the development of the tech-industry and its role in co-creating a sustainable future. The newly added topic of sustainability and social good highlights this year's agenda with an Impact Track, which will host the innovators who focus on shaping a more inclusive, sustainable and brighter future.

Data science and climate change

The conference organisers are taking into account the current discourse on equality, climate change and diversity. "The responsible and smart use of technology and data offers the opportunity to shape our future in an inclusive and sustainable way. We need to take a stand and react now. With the Impact Stage, the conference offers a platform for innovators who focus on sustainable concepts," explains Elena Poughia, founder and head curator of the conference. Facing growing global challenges, it is essential to use available data and the knowledge that comes with it to create positive change. The conference will look at the data that results from digitisation processes, demonstrating that data and technology are not only a threat, but also an opportunity to make a positive difference to our world in times of climate change.


Focus on diversity and participation

The conference in particular aims to bring female speakers as well as rarely visible experts to the stage and sets thematic priorities to motivate everyone to participate in a data-driven future. Elena Poughia says: “It is certainly no easy task to make a contribution to diversity within a classic male domain such as data science. Nonetheless, this year, more than 50 percent of the speakers who will join the discussions on the four stages at Data Natives will be female.” 


On stage: IBM, Bayer, Deutsche Telekom, OECD and more

Data Natives offers a platform for exchange among experts. Speakers explain the role of technology and data in panels such as "Automated Machine Learning for the Recommendation System", "Open Data and Gender Data: a Social, Ethical and Economic Perspective" or "Blockchain in the Healthcare System".


On stage are among others:

Alistair Croll, Founder and Content Chair, Fwd50 / Harvard Lecturer

Susan Wegner, VP Data, Artificial Intelligence and Governance, Deutsche Telekom

Filipa Peleja, Data Scientist at Vodafone

Abel Archundia Pineda, Global Head of IT, Bayer Pharmaceuticals

Lubomila Jordanova, CEO & Founder at Plan.A Earth

Gregorio Ameyugo, Deputy Director, CEA LIST

Angeli Moeller, Head of IT Business Partnering Research at Bayer Business Services

Alistair Nolan, Head of AI, OECD

Mark Turell, CEO, Vork & Orcasci

Martin Lopatka, Senior Manager, Research Engineering, Mozilla

Caroline Sinders, Principal Designer and Founder, Convocation Design+Research


More information:

Press release by Digital Natives

Publié le 08 novembre 2019