Headquartered in Luxembourg since 2013, Docler Holding is a multinational company powered by the ideas and visions of its founder Gyorgy Gattyan, a Hungarian entrepreneur. Starting in 2001 as a garage project, the company today employs more than 1000 people worldwide, 350 of them in Luxembourg. A leader in livestreaming technology applied to the fields of entertainment and personal development, Docler Holding intends to pursue its progress from its new home country. IT One had the opportunity to meet the founder of the fast growing group and obtain some of the ingredients of his recipe of success from him.


Docler Holding is name of the umbrella company under which around 43 different businesses have been created and developed in the fields of entertainment, technology, personal development, luxury and lifestyle. The Holding is in charge of all the operational tasks of the separate businesses and ensures the functioning of each company within the group. The companies are active in multiple areas, from the production of independent and quality films, venture capital investments and acquisitions of high growth potential start-ups, interactive live streaming technologies, hosting services, video chat systems, online hotel booking, online payment solutions, all the way to the production and distribution of luxury goods and digital motion picture processing. Docler’s latest project is a fully fledged TV Channel! The dream of the holding’s owner is to merge TV and the Internet, successfully creating a hybrid that no one will call TV or Internet, but something totally new. (Editor's note: read our recent article)


When asked where he gets his inspiration and ideas from, Gyorgy Gattyan, owner of Docler Holding told us the following: "The history of the holding’s creation is interesting to look at. It all started with the concept of the US show "Big Brother" and the streaming of people’s private lives on the Internet. The idea was to establish vivid content with live people, opening the possibility for interactivity with the ultimate goal of connecting people. Thus the concept of Jasmin TV was born. From this point, I decided to build up whatever was needed to develop the business further and to avoid the involvement of third parties".


Docler Holding was built in the idea of creating unique, exciting and fun services but as time went by it became more a vision of a brand new way of thinking, ready to meet the challenges of the future.


"The driving force behind all our actions is creativity and innovation. Regardless of what we are creating - be that a website, a movie, a luxury shopping mall or any other investment -, this is what has helped us to leave behind the label of being just another dotcom the most -despite being the main operator of one of the most visited websites in the world - and to extend our horizons to the mainstream media and other current business fields", Gyorgy elaborated on the topic of his company.


Gyorgy Gattyan does not view himself in the same light that his peers do. When we questioned him about his views of entrepreneurship, he surprised us all with the following reply: "I have never considered myself as a real businessman. I would like to believe that I am a creator, inventing things that work by chance. This is why I love the Internet, because it is a virtual universe and it lets you do whatever you want. I think I am more a kind of painter using programmers and designers instead of paintbrushes".


Gyorgy also credits his employees for the success of his company. He says that the success of the group comes to a large extent from people like Laszlo (editor’s note: Laszlo Czero is the CEO of Docler Holding). Laszlo has 10 years of experience in the company’s business and he knows Gyorgy’s style down to a T. Whilst this is a strong base, ever since the company relocated to Luxembourg, they have the opportunity to hire multilingual people with good academic backgrounds and experience in multi-enterprises. Gyorgy maximizes the potential in his company by mixing the above mentioned two profiles.


When he started the business 14 years ago as a start-up company, he based his decisions mainly on his intuitions. He still has that same kind of mind set: in his eyes the garage just got bigger! "Today we are really pushing the company and its organisation to an international level, with the help of highly skilled professionals, but I want to continue to feel its soul", reflected Gyorgy Gattyan.


In his opinion, Luxembourg is an excellent place for entrepreneurs. He says: "If you have a good idea, Luxembourg has the environment, resources and support to help you develop it and release it on the market. In fact, for entrepreneurs and start-ups, especially in the ICT and Media sectors, it may be one of the best places to set up a business".


Before the end of the interview we asked Gyorgy Gattyan if there is anything he would say or advise to someone wanting to set up a business. He enthusiastically said yes and went on to say: "Young people here in Luxembourg have access to good educational opportunities, they often speak four languages, sometimes six, and they can attend foreign universities. But I would advise those who want to set up a business to spend a few years abroad after completing their studies and training. And when I say abroad, I don't mean France or Germany. Those countries are too close to Luxembourg. They should spend two or three years in the US, in China or in Russia before coming back in Luxembourg and starting their own business. If they want to achieve high ambitions, they need to leave the country and come-back. It’s a very simple recipe".


Interview by Michaël Renotte

Publié le 16 septembre 2014