The fourth edition of Game of Code will take place in Luxembourg City on March 8th & 9th, 2019, at the Geesseknäppchen Forum. Each year, the event attracts more than 200 developers and designers amongst the best geeks in Luxembourg. Docler Holding, Digital Luxembourg, SES and GovSat are the leading companies that have decided to support this year’s challenges. Discover the challenges today.

Docler Holding

The challenge prepared by Docler Holding will offer participants the opportunity to create their own games. The will first have to pick 3 word from the Docler jam of secrets: these words must be in some way included in the creation. The participants will be allowed to use any device or platform for the game and may even bring any asset that they have the legal right to use (no copyright infringement, etc..).

In order to succeed, the geeks will have to let creativity flow for 24 hours, before presenting their innovative games to the Docler jury.


Digital Luxembourg

The focus of this challenge is to take the raw data and build new applications or tools aimed at exploring, understanding, analyzing or enriching the historical news. It is encouraged to create novel interfaces and/or make use of machine learning or artificial intelligence techniques. Some ideas related to digitized newspaper data might include:

- Visually explore hundreds or thousands of digitized pages in a user-friendly way.

- Find and recommend similar articles, advertisements, illustrations.

- Enrich the full text using Named Entity Recognition (NER) or similar techniques.

While competing in this challenge, participants should keep the following points in mind: how to help researchers or historians answer precise historical questions and how the general public can benefit from it, as well.



SES and GovSat have developed a fictive use case of an imaginary company called ACME. This "company" offers managed satcom services to customers worldwide and is committed to provide best in class secure satellite communications; therefore, information security is one of their top priorities. In their continuous effort to differentiate themselves in the market, they are launching a call-out to coders, information security enthusiasts and anyone willing to accept the challenge.

As strategic advisor and integrator for the information security department of ACME Sat, competitors will have to assess today’s satellite communication principles, especially in the information security context, and design and implement a solution that brings improvements to this ecosystem. Focusing on all components of satellite delivered services: cyber security, access control in unmanned locations, social engineering etc. is what ACME Sat is mostly interested.



The development of space technology is moving faster now than at any time in the past 50 years and space will continue to have a profound effect on humanity. Space offers vast opportunities, whether it’s delivering connectivity to transform the lives of over 3 billion unconnected people, changing the way we manage the trillions of devices that will form the internet of things or exploring the universe.

The 24-hour long mission will be to create an app/piece of software/program mixing space technology with the adequate coding. There are no limitations to the tool set and creativity!


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Publié le 19 février 2019