What does the bank of the future look like? This is the burning question that was addressed to the 27 students of the Luxembourg Tech School gathered last weekend (30.06.2017 / 2.07.2017) for the Hackathon hosted by the LHoFT Foundation in Kirchberg and supported by Digital Lëtzebuerg and Temenos, the world's leading banking software vendor, who provided the technical infrastructure. 

Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel opened the Hackathon, encouraging the students to learn and apply technology in a real business context. Prime Minister Bettel commented “this brilliant initiative is here to prepare the youth of today for the world of tomorrow”.


The students, split into 7 teams, competed during the weekend to create the best solutions and invent the bank of tomorrow.  Students were supported by Sergio Coronado, chief coach of the LTS, and a range of mentors from the financial industry passing on knowledge, providing advice and feedback.


The 27 students brought together creativity, vision and agility. They wowed everyone during the weekend. Some of the teams developed online platforms, while others created apps dealing with complex subjects such as cryptocurrencies, big data and artificial intelligence.… Sunday afternoon, after an intensive and inspiring weekend, the students pitched their ideas in front of a jury composed of Jean Francois Bequevort (Temenos), Andrey Martovoy (ABBL), Nasir Zubairi (LHoFT), Agnes Gerbaud-Seuret (BGL), Alain Ures (BCEE) and Anne-Catherine Ries (Digital Lëtzebuerg). The choice was extremely difficult but the 3 top prizes generously offered by Temenos went to:

1rst Prize to VISICRED, platform that simplifies your loan plannification. They received a check of 1600 euros.

2nd Prize to LIFEBANK, app offering suggestions on how & where saving money. They received a check of 900 euros.

3rd Prize to BLOCKBANK, online bank based on Ethereum. They received a check of 500 euros


The jury highlighted the very high quality of the solutions and the incredible ability of this young generation, future customers of and potentially leaders in financial services, to adapt. They tackled difficult question, they anticipated change and transformed the existing into opportunities for customers, providers as well as for society in general.


Nasir Zubairi, CEO of the LHoFT commented: “Incredible. Amazing. Awesome. Mind blowing. I can throw many superlatives to describe what I have experienced this weekend. It is so inspiring to see those young people so engaged, contributing their creativity to an industry that is hungry for innovation. The Luxembourg Tech School has done a fantastic job. Temenos has demonstrate their progressive and open attitude to innovation by supporting this initiative. Digital Lëtzebuerg has been magnificent. The mentors were so generous on the time they gave. Thank you to all: students, teachers, mentors, supporters and jury members.”


Nicolas Boatwright, Temenos Sales Manager Benelux, added: “While Temenos hosts hackathons across the globe, it was an honor to be asked to make our sandbox and technical experts available to give the next generation of innovators and developers


a chance to experiment and learn. An exercise all the more rewarding when you witness the diversity and thoughtfulness of the intergenerational dialogue between mentors and mentees. I dare say that everyone participating ended the weekend a winner, and richer for the experience.”


Press release by the LHoFT Foundation

Photo: Module1.eu

Publié le 06 juillet 2017