On May 15th and 16th, more than 100 experts will gather in Luxembourg for a new edition of ICT Spring. They will notably discuss the latest Digital and FinTech trends: partnerships between banks and startups, disruptive services, innovation in payments and RegTech. Do not miss the #1 event in Luxembourg and register now: www.ictspring.com/register

How banking is shaping business with technology & strategic partnerships

The first morning session will be moderated by Pascal Denis (Partner, Head of Advisory Services, Member of the Executive Committee, KPMG) and with an introduction by Nicolas Mackel (CEO, Luxembourg For Finance).

Then, Shamus Rae (Partner, Head of Digital Disruption, KPMG), Sira Ferradans (Chief Research Scientist, Fortia), Jean Devambez (Head of Digital and Acceleration, BNP Paribas Securities Services) and Eric Mouilleron (CEO, Bankable) will share their knowledge and expertise through three keynote speeches.

"Women in FinTech" will be the topic of a round table discussion moderated Ghela Boskovich (Head of Fintech and Regtech Partnerships, Startupbootcamp) which will bring together Adina Grigoriu (Founder & CEO, Active Asset Allocation), Audrey Baverel (CEO & Founder, Happen Consult) and Emilie Prodent Pindor (Khube, KPMG Hub for Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Management Consulting, C&O, KPMG Luxembourg)

Xavier Vaccari (Escent, a Softeam Consulting Company) and Carlo Thelen (General Director of the Chamber of Commerce Luxembourg) will also participate to the conference, with Mr. Vaccari discussing a cognitive bank use case and Mr. Thelen sharing the magic potion for economic success.

Pascal Denis, Sean Chinnock (Member of the Executive Board, Clearstream), Raoul Mulheims (Co-founder & CEO, Finologee) and Thibault de Barsy (CEO, Keytrade) will discuss API Banking trends.

Also, a pitch session with 10 startups will be organized during the morning.


Cutting-edge financial services – get ready!

This session will be moderated by Hans van Grieken (Deloitte EMEA Technology Research & Insights Leader, Deloitte NL).

A fireside chat will then feature Marie-Hélène Massard (CEO, AXA Wealth Europe & AXA Luxembourg) and Jonathan Prince (Co-Founder, Finologee), followed by a keynote speech by Antonio Corpas (CEO & Managing Director, OneLife).

A panel discussion moderated by Hans van Grieken will bring together Florian Graillot (Partner, Astorya.vc) and Nathalie Knops (Head of Business Transformation, Retail & Digital Banking, BIL).

Then, Alex Panican (Head of Partnerships and Ecosystem, LHoFT) will be in charge of moderating another fireside chat with Pascal Bouvier (Fintech Venture Capital Investor), Nick Wakefield (Managing Director Europe, Bambu.life) and Joe Seunghyun Cho (Co-founder & Chairman at Marvelstone Group & Co-founder & Founding CEO at LATTICE80).

 Two more keynote will follow: Christer Holloman (CEO and Co-founder, Divido) and then Xavier Turquin (Deloitte Digital Ideator, Deloitte Digital).

Finally, a Startup Insights session with Startup Insights with David Vanek, CEO & Co-founder, Anorak Life & Chris Bartz, CEO & Co-Founder, Elinvar, will be organized.


Innovation in Payments

Charlene Lea (CEO, Home Loan Guarantee Company and Housing for HIV) will start the session focusing on FinTech philanthropy. Ning Wang (Co-Founder & Chief Business Officer, PingPong) will then take the stage highlighting the links between Asia and Europe, while Laurent Nizri (Founder & General Manager of the Paris FinTech Forum) and Catherine Fournier (CEO, Natixis Payment) will discuss the cooperation/competition with FinTechs in the payments' industry. PSD2 will also be a hot topic and will first be discussed by Jean Hilger (President of LUXHUB) and then during a round table moderated by Jonathan Prince (Co-Founder, Finologee), with Patrice Fritsch (Executive Director, EY), Ghela Boskovich (Head of FinTech & RegTech Partnerships, Rainmaking Innovation), Jacques Pütz (CEO, LUXHUB), and Fred Giuliani (Co-Director of Informatics Development Department, BCEE Luxembourg).

The organizers will then have the pleasure to welcome Pierre Gramegna, Luxembourg Minister of Finance.

Two more round table discussions will follow. The first one will focus on the potential return of wallets with Joschka Friedag (CEO & Co-Founder, Cringle), Damien Guermonprez (Chairman, LemonWay), Ning Wang and Jonathan Prince, while the second one will deal with cryptoccurencies. With the participation of Paul Brody as moderator (Principal & Global Innovation Leader, BlockChain Technology, EY), Jean-Louis Schiltz (Former cabinet minister, Schiltz & Schiltz), Andy Bryant (COO, Bitflyer), Marc P. Bernegger (Member of the Board, Crypto Finance Group) and Sahar Rabin (CEO, Capitalise.ai).

A pitch session with 10 startups will also be organized during the morning.


Identity, GDPR, Regtech – 3 terms, 1 battle

The final session will be moderated by Geoffroy de Lamalle, Founder and CEO of eProseed, who will start with a presentation entitled "Simplifying complexity in GDPR Compliance".

He will then welcome Pascal Rogiest (CEO, Luxtrust), Eliad Saporta (Managing Director, Coriunder), Izhar Arieli (CEO, Scannovate) and Beatrix Barafort (Group Leader, LIST) for keynote speeches, prior to moderating a fireside chat with Nasir Zubairi (CEO, LHoFT) and Ramin Niroumand (Co-Founder & CEO, FinLeap).

The conference will end with FinTech influencer Bianca Lopes and Amer Bhatti (Chief Compliance Officer, Welendus) both sharing their knowledge.


More information: www.ictspring.com/register

Publié le 08 mai 2018