Do you want to know how to secure Microsoft 365? Do you need to know how to comply with the current regulations? Are you aiming to drive improved M365 user adoption? NTT is organizing an event entitled “Focus on M365: Securing, driving adoption and ensuring compliance with Microsoft 365”, on July 15th.

Secure remote work, user adoption, voice and integration of collaboration tools, compliance, and data protection, are only some of the challenges we’ll be addressing in this knowledge hour to help you take full advantage of M365. There’ll be more focus on mobility, how to accompany the user, sharing, secure access, and integration with Cisco. We’ll be covering the present regulation in Luxembourg and the solutions for full compliance, as well as data protection, back up and reversibility.

Join NTT Ltd. Luxembourg consultants’ hour for a shortcut to a successful M365 roll out. With the participation of NTT Ltd. Luxembourg experts Aurore Schreiber (Senior Director: Intelligent Workplace), André Ottavino (Senior Director: Managed Services), Remi Pierrat (Solutions Architect: Cybersecurity) and Benjamin Degand (Solutions Architect: Next Generation Data Center).


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Publié le 06 juillet 2020