All year long, the members of ICTluxembourg, in partnership with Digital Luxembourg, will share their expertise on Artificial Intelligence and its impact on today's and tomorrow’s digital and hyper connected society. Through the regular publication of white papers based on existing case studies, the members of ICTluxembourg aim at generating interest of local and international players, at stimulating the emulation of good practices but also at raising awareness on the opportunities of this game-changing technology at the global and Luxembourg levels.

As key enabler in the ongoing process of digital transformation, Artificial Intelligence is currently at the heart of numerous innovations. Obviously, all sectors of the economy will be impacted by the AI revolution. American research and advisory firm Gartner confirms that Artificial Intelligence is, at this stage of its development, dedicated to support people by enhancing their competences and skills rather than replacing them.  AI will create 2.3 million jobs in 2020, while eliminating 1.8 million. It is also forecasted that, in 2018, Artificial Intelligence will lead to more than 160 billion EUR in new revenue.

The members of ICTluxembourg intend to share their knowledge and vision, to discuss the latest trends with the aim to show how AI will disrupt – and completely transform – their sector. In the white papers the ICTluxembourg members will try to give answers to many questions: "What are the main opportunities brought by the advent of AI? What does it mean for employees? How can new products, services and even business models be created through its use? "

Members from ABBL, ALFI, APSI, FTL, CCEL, FDI, FedilICT and OPAL will share their views and vision on the impact of Artificial Intelligence in their respective field of expertise. ICTluxembourg issued a "call for papers", allowing local experts to take an active part in their mission of stimulating every single player in the dynamic and innovative Luxembourg ICT-ecosystem. Located at the very heart of Europe, Luxembourg has proven its expertise in the Digital sector and has become a front runner when it comes to design high quality IT-infrastructures, provide secure cloud services and cyber-security solutions. Supported by the many initiatives of the government’s Digital Luxembourg framework, the country is a recognized startup nation looking at an even brighter digital future.


Find below quotes from Digital Luxembourg and the members of ICTluxembourg:

"Luxembourg’s AI ecosystem shows us the potential that AI can bring to numerous parts of our lives. Already today, we see radically new possibilities in health, transport or even art. As Digital Luxembourg, we want to significantly boost the access toward those new possibilities and enable explainable AI services for the whole ecosystem, not just for AI experts" Anne-Catherine Ries, Digital Luxembourg

"AI is one of the 5 hottest topics identified in the Luxembourg banking sector. We are proud to contribute to the first ICTluxembourg white paper and to the ICT ecosystem, taking the opportunity to share our views and vision which have been developed in the FinTech-ecosystem we support" Marc Hemmerling, ABBL

"All the players active in the field of ICT have to contribute to the promotion of the country, in order to turn Luxembourg into a major digital hub in Europe" Gérard Hoffmann, FedilICT

"The field of telecommunications is facing a never-seen-before transformation. Artificial Intelligence will necessarily bring new opportunities in such a period of change" Jean-François Willame, OPAL

"Discussions and negotiations with institutions leading to regulatory changes are key for the evolution of our field. It is also important to keep in mind that technology and notably Artificial Intelligence will completely transform our sector, our services and our business models" Jean-François Terminaux, FTL

"The technological marriage of AI (Artificial Intelligence), Cloud Computing and HPC (High Performance Computing) will cause a fundamental paradigm shift. It will change the business landscape but also dramatically transform every aspect of our human lives. We will have a huge responsibility for future generations in shaping the world and its future" Yves Reding, CCEL

"Through this initiative and by spreading our expertise on specific topics, we aim at bridging the talent and skills gaps in Luxembourg in the field of technology and especially in Artificial Intelligence" Vincent Lekens, FDI

"After the big data revolution, the investment fund industry is currently being disrupted by Artificial Intelligence. Applications of big data analytics in the asset management industry are still at the relatively early stages compared to other industries – this is partly due to the fragmented nature of the data across the investment and distribution value chain. Luxembourg being the largest European Fund Industry, has to be a front-runner in the development – and use – of such new technologies" François Drazdik, ALFI


Publication of ICTluxembourg white papers on the impact of AI in the following sectors: Banking, Finance, Industry, Crafts, RegTech, Public, Media, Telecom, Infrastructure are planned.

Please feel free to contribute with your expertise and send an email at


Press release by ICTluxembourg

Publié le 24 avril 2018