As it has been previously announced, ICT Spring, the European tech summit, will finally take place on September 15th and 16th, 2020, at the European Convention Center Luxembourg. Several topics will be addressed during these two days of conference, with a special focus on Artificial Intelligence and the new world we live in.

Artificial Intelligence tools are continuously being developed by startups and expert companies: more accurate and specific than ever, AI is now impacting all industries in various ways. For instance, it redefines business models, allows the creations of new services and inevitably transforms the way we work. In other others, AI as whole (Machine Learning, Deep Learning, the use of Big data, etc) is about to totally change our daily lives.

From the smallest applications to the robotization and automation of several business processes, AI, just like the internet a couple of decades ago, will revolutionize our society. To tackle the trendiest topic of all, the organizers have invited renowned experts to discuss the following topics at ICT Spring:

AI, the Game Changer – Touching every single industry, Artificial Intelligence is transforming our daily lives while also redefining all players and sectors

Data Supremacy – The "New Gold" and heart of every single digital strategy, Data keeps on ruling the world

Sustainable Technology – In a world where environmental concerns are growing, sustainable technologies are more than ever at the heart of discussions.

Leveraging Human Potential with AI – Tech aims at enhancing humans and at facilitating their daily tasks, allowing them to focus on added value


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Publié le 06 mai 2020