Every day, we hear about the need for IT modernization and transformation, but what high-tech companies today are providing meaningful solutions to drive IT simplification, efficiency, scalability, and automation for the software-defined data center? Dell EMC and VMware. Sure, PowerEdge is the world’s #1 server1, and when paired with the world’s #1 vendor of enterprise virtualization2 and HCI software,3 the duo sounds promising. But what are they doing to help empower IT to lead the business? The answer includes  close collaboration around Dell EMC PowerEdge MX, the modular infrastructure solution designed with kinetic infrastructure.

PowerEdge MX was designed for the software-defined data center, with customizable modules of compute, storage and networking. VMware vSAN is a core building block for the SDDC. So, when you pair PowerEdge MX with VMware vSAN, you’re ready for a hyper-converged match made in heaven.

Dell EMC vSAN Ready Nodes make it all even easier for your organization. These pre‑configured and validated building blocks reduce deployment risks, improve storage efficiency, and let you quickly and easily scale storage as needed.

But really, what advantages does this bring to IT departments? Here are 4 ways that PowerEdge and VMware “make it real” for IT every day:


Handle more virtual machines and transactions

PowerEdge MX offers a flexible architecture for sizeable VMware vSAN software-defined storage environments that allows organizations to assign the right resources for the right workload and to change dynamically with business needs. This means maximizing vSAN environments that can scale and support better database performance. In fact, the PowerEdge MX can process up to 625,000 more orders per minute and up to 40% more virtual machines than HPE Synergy or Cisco UCS, according to Principled Technologies testing.


Boost application response times

Saving even fractions of a second can help hold customers’ attention, increase the volume of ecommerce orders, and generate more revenue. PowerEdge MX delivered up to 55.9% lower storage latency than competing solutions tested by Principled Technologies.


Get to the cloud quickly and simply

With vSAN Ready Nodes on PowerEdge MX, you’ve got a software-defined ready infrastructure in one flexible chassis. You can put up to eight vSAN Ready Nodes in an MX7000 chassis to create a foundation for a self-sustained VMware Cloud Foundation cluster with right-sized compute, storage and ToR switches. And it’s all in one high-density package. You can put up to six drives in each MX740c compute sled for maximum density. Competing infrastructure offerings from HPE and Cisco have only two drives per compute sled.

VMware Cloud Foundation offers the fastest way for customers to build an integrated hybrid cloud by delivering a comprehensive set of software-defined services for compute, storage, networking, security, and cloud management to run enterprise applications in hybrid cloud environments. Dell EMC is pleased to announce that VMware has recently validated the PowerEdge MX for VMware Cloud Foundation.


Simplified management

When you leverage vSAN Ready Nodes in the PowerEdge MX architecture, you can take advantage of OpenManage Enterprise – Modular Edition Integration for VMware vCenter. This virtual appliance can reduce the tools and tasks associated with management and deployment of Dell EMC PowerEdge servers in your virtual environment. Dell EMC is pleased to announce that VMware has recently validated Dell EMC vSAN Ready Nodes for VMware Cloud Foundation on PowerEdge MX.


Comminicated by Dell EMC

Publié le 01 décembre 2018