The 5th edition of Pitch Your Startup (PYSU) will be held in Luxembourg on May 21st, 2018, during ICT Spring. Local and international startups can already apply online to try to win the €100.000 prize. Participation is free of charge.

21 février 2019

Over the past two decades, the Luxembourg private banking industry has frequently been said to be at a crossroads. In 2000, the Feira Agreement laid out for the first time the principle of “exchange of information” between tax authorities. Then the financial crises of 2002 and 2008 significantly altered the country’s banking landscape. Strong regulatory pressure has since led to the introduction of multiple regulations lying behind esoteric abbreviations — such as CRD, MiFID or PSD — and this industry that had remained relatively untouched until recently has increasingly been affected by consolidation. Most recently, major players have been strategically repositioning themselves towards a more demanding clientele of HNWIs and UHNWIs who require products and services of an enhanced quality. So, Luxembourg private banks have indeed already encountered many a crossroads!

21 février 2019

The fourth edition of Game of Code will take place in Luxembourg City on March 8th & 9th, 2019, at the Geesseknäppchen Forum. Each year, the event attracts more than 200 developers and designers amongst the best geeks in Luxembourg. Docler Holding, Digital Luxembourg, SES and GovSat are the leading companies that have decided to support this year’s challenges. Discover the challenges today.

19 février 2019

Dans son dernier ouvrage, "Blockchain Regulation and Governance in Europe", Michèle Finck examine la relation entre la technologie de la blockchain et le droit de l'Union et présente le thème de la gouvernance blockchain. Michèle Finck donne une introduction générale aux chaînes de blocs en tant que technologie régulable et réglementaire et décrit l’interaction entre la technologie des grands livres distribués et des domaines spécifiques du droit de l’UE, tels que le règlement général sur la protection des données.


19 février 2019

By Gary Cywie, Counsel in ICT, IP and data protection, Elvinger Hoss Prussen.

Digital ledger technologies (“DLT”) and blockchains in particular could disintermediate some of the main financial markets post-trade processes, fund distribution and the asset servicing value chain more generally, authors and experts say1. Certain authors believe that markets would become more efficient if the holding, clearing and settlement of securities as well as post-trade reporting were made through blockchains2. For example, transaction costs would be lower and transactions could be settled in close to real-time. These new technologies would also provide greater transparency for regulators (including with respect to KYC/AML) and investors. Even more, they would eliminate a number of risks associated with intermediation. In fact, it would put investors back in the position in which they were before the introduction of information technology in the financial markets sector: in direct contact with the issuer3. Nothing seems to impede such developments from a purely technical point of view. Current national and cross-border legal and regulatory regimes may not, however, be fully ready to govern such developments effectively.

18 février 2019

Créer des expériences uniques est devenu le graal des entreprises digitales. Les segmentations des marketeurs sont remisées au placard pour laisser place à l’expérience personnalisée.

14 février 2019

Dans sa réunion du 7 février 2019, le Conseil d’Administration d’ICTluxembourg a décidé de transformer l’organisation qui a pour vocation de fédérer à la fois les fédérations et associations dont les membres sont des fournisseurs et utilisateurs de solutions et de services ICT, en adoptant un nouveau business plan qui s’imposait au vu des modifications statutaires décidées en décembre dernier.

13 février 2019

As a keystone support for the economy of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) sector is becoming ubiquitous. Technological advances over the last few decades have opened up new opportunities for development. However, this goes hand in hand with the emergence of new risks. In this frame, technical standardization can help to define good practices and technical solutions to address these concerns.

11 février 2019

Dimension Data Luxembourg today announced it has become a Palo Alto Networks® NextWave Diamond Innovator Channel Partner. Dimension Data Luxembourg has met the Diamond Innovator Partner – the highest level – performance, capabilities and business requirements of the Palo Alto Networks NextWave Channel Partner Program.

07 février 2019

By Ethan Wood, VP Marketing, Dell EMC.

Children constantly ask “why?” I know that it can be tough for a parent to always provide an adequate answer of the why behind what we are asking our child to do, but honestly, knowing “why” helps children make sense of the world.

06 février 2019