By Jyeh Gan, Director of Product Management, Marketing & Strategy, Data Center Solutions Dell EMC.

The transformation produced by the Internet of Things (IoT) can only be compared to the global proliferation of the Internet and the rapid consumerization of smartphones. There is no arguing that IoT is fast growing, with its ecosystem projected to reach close to 30 billion connected autonomous devices by 2020. The ability to connect multiple devices together, gather and analyse the raw data produced by these devices and transform the data into usable information makes IoT the next logical step forward in building an intelligent world.


14 novembre 2017

Début 2012, la SNCT s.a., la Société Nationale de Contrôle Technique, inaugurait officiellement une nouvelle ère. Jusque-là, elle avait opéré comme département de la SNCT sàrl, rebaptisée SNCA en 2012, notamment responsable des immatriculations et de la gestion administrative des permis de conduire.

07 novembre 2017

Dimension Data, fournisseur mondial de solutions et services ICT, a publié aujourd’hui ses prévisions « Top IT Trends » pour 2018. La « disruption » reste le maitre mot. Intelligence artificielle, blockchain, machine learning, robotique, réalité augmentée et virtuelle façonneront le monde du numérique en 2018.

07 novembre 2017

Veeam® Software, fournisseur innovant de solutions de disponibilité assurant la continuité d’activité des entreprises (Availability for the Always-On Enterprise™), annonce aujourd'hui avoir atteint le seuil de plus de 16 700 partenaires fournisseurs de services en réponse à la forte demande d'offres cloud pour la disponibilité, la protection et la gestion des données.

07 novembre 2017

Dimension Data today announced that it is the recipient of two Cisco® Partner Summit Global Awards for Architectural Excellence Partner of the Year, Security, and Marketing Innovation Partner of the Year. Cisco unveiled the winners at a Global Awards reception during its annual partner conference taking place this week in Dallas, Texas. Dimension Data also scooped a further 22 geographic and regional Cisco awards.

02 novembre 2017

Dimension Data and VMware are organising a joint event, the Cloud Foundation Roadshow, on 14 November 2017 from 09:00 to 14:00 at Hotel Olivier in Strassen.

This event will enable you to be a first-row witness of how Cloud Foundation delivers a pre-built and validated architecture for your Cloud Infrastructure to provide ease of use, simplicity and to reduce risks for deploying and operating a programmable Software-defined infrastructure, which provides an API-first approach. Beyond that, we will take you on a journey to the advanced use cases of NSX & VSAN.

26 octobre 2017

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect May 2018 and has many consequences for how we handle data security and privacy. All organizations that process personal data from EU citizens will have to deal with the GDPR.

19 octobre 2017

Econocom announced it is strengthening its foothold in the data market by acquiring the activities of Biboard, a software company that has developed an innovative Business Intelligence solution. Biboard is thus now part of Econocom’s offer portfolio. This acquisition is in line with the group’s development strategy in the field of analytics and Big Data services and offers Econocom’s clients an effective solution for their data handling and dataviz needs.   

11 octobre 2017

Dimension Data's CEO for Europe, Andrew Coulsen, stopped by in Luxembourg to visit Olivier Posty, the Country Manager, and his team located in Capellen. As CEO, Andrew Coulsen is responsible for more than 5,000 employees in 59 locations across 15 countries. IT One met with the Australia-native to discuss the global company's core business, vision and approach, which encourages innovation and invests in new technologies.

09 octobre 2017

EasyJet and other airlines have already signed agreements with Airbus on predictive maintenance. This means that all the data from the EasyJet aircrafts is directly send, stored and analyzed to predict when maintenance should be scheduled or when certain failures might occur. The system constantly monitors health and transmits faults, measurements and warning messages to ground control. This helps to better plan maintenance and prioritizes the steps that need to be taken. Experts estimate such an approach is likely to increase aircraft availability by up to 35 %. This all seems very nice, but what does this exactly mean for a company that wants to start offering predictive maintenance to its customers? How will this new way of working affect the workflow that is now in place? An overview of the advantages and challenges.

04 octobre 2017