Le Gala IT One est LE rendez-vous incontournable au Luxembourg pour la communauté ICT.
Près d’un millier de décideurs ICT rassemblés chaque année autour de 3 moments uniques:

  • IT Summit : 500 participants, des grands speakers locaux et internationaux
  • IT Networking cocktail : 1000 décideurs IT du Luxembourg
  • Luxembourg ICT Awards Dinner : 700 convives, 70+ candidats, 14 ICT awards.
Doors Opening
Networking Cocktail
Dinner and Luxembourg ICT Awards Ceremony
Tarifs & inscriptions

L’entrée est gratuite pour les Endusers IT (CIOs, IT Managers, COOs, CISOs, IT developers…) en utilisant l’un des codes d’invitations gratuits diffusés dans nos campagnes de communication. Si vous n’avez pas reçu de code, vous pouvez en faire la demande auprès de notre équipe :

Les fournisseurs de produits et de services IT devront s’acquitter de droits d’entrée de 350€HT (409,50€TTC*) afin de pouvoir participer aux conférences ainsi qu’au Networking Cocktail. Le nombre d’entrées pour les prestataires de services est limité afin de se conformer à la politique de participation 75% de endusers / 25% de prestataires de services.

A noter : si vous êtes partenaire de la communauté IT One, vous bénéficiez d’un quota d’entrées compris dans votre pack au travers d’un code personnalisé. Si vous n’avez pas reçu ce code, vous pouvez en faire la demande auprès de notre équipe :


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CIO of the Year*
Rewards the CIO who, thanks to his/her strategic competence and management skills, has had the most valuable contribution to his/her company performance while meeting stakeholders needs.


IT Security provider of the year
Rewards an IT security provider for a project led with a client over the past year. This solution distinguishes itself by its innovative character, its efficiency, the results achieved.

IT Development Company of the Year
Rewards an IT solution provider for its excellence to led a project for a client. It recognizes a company for the quality of its services, the strength of the solutions developed for the client and the results achieved.

Cloud Provider of the Year
Rewards a company specialized in Cloud for its innovative solutions and its outstanding performances.

Managed Services Provider of the Year
Rewards the company which offers the best tools as well as outsourcing & reporting services to make the decision makers better understand their profits and ROI.

Telecom Provider of the Year
Rewards a national company which, over the past year, has offered one or several innovative and/or outstanding solution(s) due to their impact or objectives achieved.

Startup of the Year
Rewards a company, which is less than 5 years old and composed of a maximum of 10 people for its dynamism, its innovative nature and its growth potential in a close future. The candidate can product a 3min video introducing the company and its activity (not mandatory)


ICT Team of the Year*
Rewards an ICT Team for its outstanding results on a specific project (implementation of a new software, the adoption of new processes, the improvement of a data/security software, data management, their storage etc).

ICT Company of the Year
Rewards a company for its large range and quality of its products/services. Through its efforts, it contributes to improve the ICT sector in Luxembourg and is considered as a partner of choice.

ICT Strategic Advisor of the Year
This award recognizes a strategic CIOs partner which offers the highest IT consulting services and which is able to meet any issues from the sector. It fosters best practices while accompanying its clients in the development of their projects.

ICT Training Company of the Year
Rewards a company which offers tailored training solutions to improve ICT teams’ performance.

Outstanding ICT Contribution to Luxembourg
This award is quintessential to the ICT community and rewards a company for its commitment to developing the ICT place of Luxembourg and promoting the country worldwide.

These awards do not require the submission of an application form

Lifetime Career Award
Rewards an ICT personality for his/her entire career, the lessons learned and the wishes he made for the future generations.

Great Company to Work with
This award recognizes a company which represents the best partner to work with in the Luxembourg ICT sector.


*These awards are intended for Endusers. All other applications will incur an administration fee of €100 excl VAT
Important note: Each company is limited to two consultant submissions.


How to apply?

Each candidate must submit an application for the Award of their choice. You can apply for yourself, on behalf of your company or suggest a candidate by sending an email to

To submit an application to one of the suggested awards, you have to:

  1. Send an email to our team stating the award(s) chosen to get the link to your personalized platform
  2. Complete your application form
  3. Register for the IT One Gala Dinner by sending an email to


  • To apply, the company or person must submit a project led in Luxembourg or with a company based in Luxembourg
  • The candidate must attend (or be represented) during the Awards Ceremony 
  • The application to the awards CIO of the Year and ICT Team of the Year is free. Other prizes are subject to application fees: €100 excl.VAT/prize.

Important note

The jury will evaluate the candidates according to specific criteria including professionalism, innovation, quality & ethics. They will value case studies more than commercial speeches.

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