LE FREEPORT recently partnered with INCERT and has integrated its VisoGo solution into their identity verification process. Both teams, represented by Philippe Dauvergne (CEO, LE FREEPORT) Carole Schmitz (Customer Relationship Manager, LE FREEPORT), Benoît Poletti (General Director, INCERT) and Stan Beeks (Deputy General Director, INCERT) met on Monday, August 6th, to discuss their collaboration.

INCERT, a public agency owned by the Luxembourg Ministry of Economy, has developed a strong expertise in cryptography, eTravel documents and cyber security. It recently launched VisoGo, a solution used to check the authenticity of travel documents.

LE FREEPORT at Luxembourg Airport is the world’s safest and most transparent storage and trading platforms for valuables. Abdelkader Kaddour, LE FREEPORT’s Manager, Maintenance and Technique, is managing the use of the VisoGo solution.

Philippe Dauvergne highlighted: "After participating in a demonstration of the VisoGo solution, it was an easy decision to integrate the tool into our identity verification process."

Benoît Poletti also commented: "INCERT is delighted having LE FREEPORT as a local partner (with a global reach) using the VisoGo solution in their identity verification workflow.  We are also working with LE FREEPORT exploring other collaboration opportunities."


Photo, from left to right: Stan Beeks (Deputy General Director, INCERT), Philippe Dauvergne (CEO, LE FREEPORT) and Benoît Poletti (General Director, INCERT)

Publié le 07 août 2018