On December 1st, Eric Lippert and his team were rewarded for their projects and best practices as they have been named ICT Team of the Year. Our team met with the CIO of OneLife to discuss the main challenges he faced in 2016, his team's main achievements and the top priorities for 2017.

What were the main challenges you faced this year? How were you able to overcome them?

The first main challenge was to simultaneously lead the rationalization of our legacy systems and the development of innovative digital solutions.  On the one hand our highly efficient project portfolio management ensured we could build solid foundations in terms of IT infrastructure. On the other hand we worked in small groups with agile methods on digital initiatives to both quickly identify opportunities and take decisions, and eventually create added value.  

The second main challenge was more the management linked to all the changes in the way of working that the new IT/digital environment was bringing to our different users.  We overcome this by involving the end-users quickly in the process.  We first organized digital awareness workshops to make people understand the “why”.  We then involved the users in our agile working groups in order to get their buy-in for the transformation.  We finally together designed the new working processes in order to be ready at each stage of our digital transformation.


According to you, what were the main elements which convinced the members of the jury?

Probably the above mentioned, combined with the fact that we undertook a huge transformation in a very short period of time.


What were your main achievements for 2016?

On the software architecture side, the setup of a new SOA architecture.

On the regulatory side, the finalization of IT tools to help our financial department to produce the Solvency II reporting.

On the operation side, first the new policy administration platform with which we succeeded in developing 11 new life assurance products for our markets.  This is a significant achievement as we did this in less than 9 months when the average time to automate one new product in the IT system used to be 2 years in the past. Secondly the setup of a new workflow system linked to a new document management system.  All our policy transaction processes are now harmonized and orchestrated by these new tools with a substantial gain of efficiency and data quality for our Client Service Team.

On the sales side, the setup of a new CRM with additional online marketing and prospecting tools.  This entirely moved our Marketing and Sales teams into the digital age.


The “cherry on the cake” is the mobile app that we launched at the InsurTech Summit in October and deployed in November for our partners.  


What are your department's top priorities for 2017?

In 2017, the main priorities are twofold:

- Migrate all policies - currently managed in several old legacy systems - into our target policy administration system.

- Continue our digital strategy to keep developing and offering new services to our partners.

Publié le 13 décembre 2016