On December 5th, Econocom was named "Great Company to Work With" during the gala dinner of the Luxembourg ICT Awards. IT One met with Econocom's management team to discuss its company culture and philosophy.

How do you feel about being recognized as a great company to work with?

Well, it’s a very big surprise, and also a great recognition after a first Healthcare Awards in June 2017. We even more appreciate this award as this was totally unexpected!

This makes us proud of the team! And finally, such award is the best reward we can imagine for all the efforts the team provided towards our customers, since so many years.

We also have now the feeling that we can even win additional award on other categories, with the objective to communicate on our strengths and the company value.

Let’s now look forward to next year for other challenges and rewards …


What are the best practices that make Econocom a great company to work with?

There are no best practices, just a philosophy where the employees as well as the customers are in the center of our attention. Our sales and technical have a customer’s commitment based on result with a Solution approach which is well researched, tailored and scalable through a real Partnership.

The internal atmosphere with the employees is a crucial element. An employee that is evolving in a positive atmosphere will provide better services to our customer, and at the end will improve our customer experience. This is not always an easy journey to combine customers’ and employees’ satisfactions. Every day we put a lot of effort to satisfy our customers with the best possible delivery and attention, and we realize that for achieving such customer’s satisfaction, it starts from the basis, meaning the employee satisfaction.


How would you describe the company culture of Econocom?

On top of to the “Customer Experience”, which is a foundation of our new strategic plan for the next 5 years (named “e for excellence”), our corporate culture is to create a favourable environment for innovation, based on values which are inherent in our actions and successes: “Entrepreneurship, Face Reality, Responsibility, Respect”. I would also add “Good Faith”, which is a key value for us in Luxembourg and also an important value for Jean-Louis Bouchard, founder of Econocom.

Publié le 18 janvier 2018