The third Cisco Identity Service Engine (ISE) workshop organised by Dimension Data demonstrated to participants how StealthWatch detects threats, malware infections and significantly limits their cost and downtime impacts on business.

Frédéric Lavend’Homme, Cybersecurity Lead for Dimension Data, said: “This new ISE workshop connected IT Managers with both Cisco and Dimension Data specialists to inform them about design, architecture and project approach, with hands-on labs.”


Through the integration with Cisco Identity Service Engine, StealthWatch is able to supplement its in-depth security event analysis with relevant identity, segmentation and device context information. This integration gives network and security analysts the ability to quickly and easily assess the significance of security events by correlating context with the security alarm, and if necessary, take mitigation actions.


Interested in control, segmentation, visibility and automation in your Cisco network? Willing to test the solution? We can provide POC equipment to prove the value in your infrastructure driven by Cisco and Dimension Data specialists. Do not hesitate to contact us to make this evaluation.


The next workshop will take place on 4 October and will focus on Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP).


Press release by DImension Data Luxembourg

Publié le 07 juillet 2017