In our digital world, data protection, in particular critically such as banking transactions, identity papers or medical reports, is crucial. Indeed, information leaks can lead to major losses for the owner's data. The main solution to prevent these losses is to use cryptographic algorithms based on powerful mathematical properties. The world of cryptology can be divided in two parts, the symmetric cryptology and the asymmetric cryptology. In a nutshell, the first one uses a single private key for encryption and a private key for decryption. The advantage of the symmetric cryptology compared to the asymmetric one is the execution speed which is greater by far in general. In this white paper, the focus is on the symmetric cryptology, and more specifically on the primitives called block ciphers. Among all the possible block ciphers, the implementer often need to choose which one is the best for him according to its security strength, its longevity, its implementation, etc. Here one can find all the basic information and references to make its choice.

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Publié le 09 octobre 2017